Run a free website performance test and get actionable tips on how to optimize it.

  • Let us test a web page speed and audit all its critical elements.

  • See all existing bottlenecks, errors and issues.

  • Get free tips on how to improve website speed and performance.

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  • Page load time

    Test how well a site loads and identify the slowest elements.

  • Social Sharing

    Find out if a page has Open Graph description to look good in social media.

  • Page size

    Find out file sizes of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images and optimize them.

  • IP Address

    Discover how many websites are using the same IP address.

  • Visitor World Map

    Identify how far away a website's user base is located from its actual server.

  • HTTPS certificate

    Learn whether a website has up-to-date SSL certificate.

  • Language and encoding

    Define whether actual language on a page matches the claimed parameters.

  • Requests

    Learn how many different requests were made to render a web page. illustration. Functionality demo

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